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My Message to you: Facing the same moonlight

“Dear stranger,


Till I met you I didn't know whether my life was dream or reality. I couldn't even put my faith in destiny. But you proved me wrong. You were there looking and I was there looking for you. My experience may appear humble, but it definitely aligns with a soul mate encounter. You were the only one who gave me a place in your heart and in my life. My life has been stormy for quite a while, but you gave me hope and courage. So I took the luxury to hang on to you, looking forward to the journey that I deemed to call it crash then message of love under the same moonlight.”


“Facing the same moonlight” began as a fatal attraction on a remote island in Hawaii, continued with a phone exchange on a stormy boat and a promise to meet again. The messages we shared with each other were snapshots of our lives, likes and dislikes and built precious memories. Notable was the synchronicity moment when we faced the same moonlight at the same time and described our experience, which seemed so similar, even though we were apart an ocean away. Our later encounter was one of the most romantic dates of my life because this stranger knew how to give wings to a dreaming girl. However life and distance set us apart and he failed to show up on our last meeting, leaving me with my love message and no reply.


The reason I wrote the song was not only to reveal a beautiful experience, but to remind couples and lovers that romance is not the cherry on top of the cake/relationship, but the cake/relationship itself. Trying to be creative, understanding, accepting, caring to each other regardless of distance and time are attributes of true love.


“Facing the same moonlight” took a year to develop due to the complexity of instrumentals as well as finding the right balance in sound and the right style of singing. The words evolved from simplistic “ we were sharing emotional moments” to metaphors like“ your arms would shelter me like land to sea”. The last image in the bridge concludes with the memory of a dance and the meeting on the beach where the abandoned lover, me, sends her last love message to him.


It was a fun journey to write, produce, engineer and sing the song from my memories. I want to thank to all who contributed to my song in particular: Blair Shotts (drums); Karen Hammock (piano); Eugene Olea (duet male singer); Nels Jensen (mixing and mastering) and Alexei Razumov (second mix).


A little bit about myself: I am new singer songwriter in the genre of pop with world and classical influences. My eclectic tastes allowed me to play with various genres of music, but my heart has always been in classical music next to big inspiring names like Josh Groban and Sarah Brightman.


The song release date is February 17th. Be on lookout for an inspiring song and discover a magical love story. Hope you enjoy it!

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