Crowd Reviews

"She sounds like she has the voice of a hillbilly angel. Similar to Reba

mixed with whoever does ever Disney song."

"The voice shows talent with a broad range of pitch"

"I was surprised at the quality of the

vocalist. Her sound was rich and intense."

"The singing was quite Adele-like. It was truly nice to hear."


Lucy Monciel is an international artist from Romania. Her passion for international cultures brought her close to world music, classical music and now urban pop. She started her music career since she was little when she performed at several small local events in several languages. After finishing her business degree, she set up some cover bands to perform famous rock and pop songs in bars and restaurants in Thousand Oaks area. 2 years year ago she discovered her vocation for songwriting while meeting her influencers and friends.While she became fully equipped as a DIY artist, she decided that collaboration is the key to bring the best in her and make the implementation process smoother and faster. This teamwork vision gave her the opportunity to work with composers from France (Romain Olivieri), Iran (Shahed Mohseni Zonoozi), producers and engineers from US (Nels Jensen), Russia (Alexei Romanov) and Mexico (Ricardo Padua).

Lucy’s goal is to become a unique voice for human emotions and true victory. Even her producer named her a “box of voices” due to her natural ability to reveal various nuances in her singing.

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